The Area

Plenty for you to enjoy

The area around Lagos de Porce is full of interesting, exciting and relaxing things for you to to enjoy. Using Lagos de Porce as your base is an ideal way to explore the local area and all it has to offer.

Places to visit

Carolina del Principe

This town is known for its colourful balconies, usually decorated with flowers. It is known as “The Colonial Garden of The Americas” and its park, is without doubt, one of the most beautiful in Antioquia.

Where is it? 50 minutes from Lagos de Porce


This is a beautiful traditional town with colourful balconies. Its main attractions are around the town, where there are green landscapes and a lot of rivers and streams where you can enjoy spas and natural pools.

Where is it? 1h 20m from Lagos de Porce


The area is known for its many clear and beautiful spas, La Quiebra Tunnel, which can be crossed on foot. Located 88 km from Medellín, it is a key urban center for the entire North East of Antioquia.

Where is it? 40 mins from Lagos de Porce

Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo is a beautiful town in Nort East Antioquia. The whole area is mountainous creating a beautiful and impressive landscape, separated by large valleys with lots of beautifully clear rivers and streams and springs that flow into the Porce, Nare and Nús rivers.

Where is it? 1hr from Lagos de Porce

Gomez Plata

Gómez Plata is known as “Land of Welcome” due to the kind nature of its people. Gómez Plata remains as the area where the light that illuminated Colombia and the department of Antioquia was born.


Where is it? 30 minutes from Lagos de Porce

San Pablo

San Pablo is one of the most traditional towns of Santa Rosa de Osos and is located in the South Eastern area of the region in a beautiful area with imposing mountains and steep slopes joining the Grande and Porce rivers.

Where is it? 25 mins from Lagos de Porce

Lagos de Porce is located at 62 kms, and 1 hour and 30 minutes from Medellín. Follow the road to Bello-Hatillo-Barbosa-Pradera-Porcesito. Turn at the junction for Yolombó and continue to towards Gómez Plata over the Gavino bridge. Continue along the road for around 500 meters and Lagos de Porce is on your left-hand side.